Al Moana Beach Park
Calm waters and clear beaches in Honolulu

Your date wants to explore paradise with you. So take him or her to Ala Moana Beach Park. You can bike, stroll, swim and enjoy the Hawaiian weather with each other.

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Kapiolani Park
Outdoor activities in Waikiki

Is a romantic bike ride in your near future? How about a picnic, tennis or archery? Take your date to Kapiolani Park for some excellent views and activities in Oahu.

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Mount Tantalus
A scenic drive in Honolulu

Hoping to get great pics on your date? Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to Mount Tantalus. Take a bike ride, a zipline adventure or just hike along the mountain for great photos.

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Kaka'ako Waterfront Park
A pristine Hawaiian beach

Taking your date out for a bike ride this weekend? How about some choice surfing? Kaka'ako Waterfront Park is always a good destination for any of these activities.

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Some Grand Celebrations in April

When you’re looking for something special to do this month, why not check out the events calendar and see what’s happening in and around Honolulu? Here are just two festivals taking place that you might want to consider.

Inaugural Honolulu Brewers Festival - Kaka’ako MakaiGatewayPark... Read More

K1 Speed Kapolei
Indoor go kart racing in Hawaii

Feel the need for speed? Race your lover around the track at K1 Speed. Choose the perfect go kart to start your own romantic adventure.

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Paradise Air
Air tours of Hawaii

Love to live on the edge? Take your date to Paradise Air for an unusual date. See all that Hawaii has to offer from the sky!

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Kalaeloa Raceway Park
A stadium and event space in Kapolei

Need a dirt track to race? Take your single friends to the Kalaeloa Raceway Park. You can throw up mud like the pros do.

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Kalihi Ice Ponds
Hiking and swimming in Honolulu

Done with the go karts or carnival rides? Have a more leisurely date at Kalihi Ice Ponds. Go fishing, hiking and enjoy nature together.

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The Best Chocolate that Honolulu Has to Offer

The gift of chocolate is one that most people will enjoy. But when you’re making that purchase, you want to ensure that you get the best. The next time you’re in the market for a chocolaty present, try one of Honolulu’s top chocolatiers. By far one of the best is the much-praised Choco le’a. This small and special store makes the best truffles in the entire island chain and offers... Read More