Music in Honolulu for the Month of April

Concerts are a great way to spend time with your special someone. The next time you’re trying to plan out a date, pick up a couple of tickets and make a night of it. Here are two coming up in April that you might want to check out.

Jack White - NealSBlaisdellCenter - April 15th

As one of the two people that made The White Stripes the famous band that they became, Jack White has proven his exceptional talent. Now, he’s gone solo and is out on tour and the albums he’s released thus far are getting much praise from the critics. So stop off and see what the man can do on his own.

Cat Empire - The Republik - April 25th

This is a band that you can not possibly categorize into a single genre. They play some seriously unique music and whatever style they have is constantly changing as they add more musical influences to their repertoire. If you’re in the mood to push the boundaries, then this is the concert to see.


Photo courtesy of Teresa Sedo via Wikicommons